Despite not seeing her daughter in a while and admittedly missing her like crazy, Irish "X Factor" contestant Mary Byrne, 50, opted out of traveling back to Ireland for one day to see her.

Byrne, who had a rough week this past week on the show but managed to sail through the next round, thought going home to Dublin for just one night would be very difficult.

Her daughter, Deborah, 23, told reporters "She only had one night and she really didn't know if she would be able to face going back again so quickly."

Deborah, who hates flying, said she will have to bit the bullet and go see her mom on the show this weekend.

"As long as my friends distract me, I'll probably get through it."

She added: "Matt Cardle is very nice to watch. I've never voted for him but he's definitely my second favourite."

While in London and living with the "X Factor" contestants Byrne has acted like a mother to them all and she really misses her daughter.