Rising "X Factor" star Mary Byrne revealed this week her daughter Debbie, who has a fear of flying, will not be traveling to the UK from Ireland for next week's semi-final.

Mary, 51, told the press that no plans had been made for her daughter to join her mother next weekend. "She's content to be where she is," Mary told the press.

Both mother and daughter share a close bond and Debbie bravely recently cured her fear of flying in order to watch her mother perform after she mentioned how much she was missing her family and her home in Ballyfermot.

Mary is now in the final five of the competition but she readily admits she still gets nervous.

"I was nervous last night but I thought if I've gotten this far, I just wanted to push it. If you saw how stressed Louis Walsh's (the Irish X Factor judge) gets you wouldn't believe it, so I was thrilled to get through to next week."

Mary is now said to be preparing for next week's show and she's philosophical about her chances.

"I'm absolutely thrilled and I've taken it as far as I can go. I want to do it for all the people who have supported me so far," she said.

Mary has revealed she doesn't think she will win the competition, but she is still urging the public to rally behind her and vote.

"I don't think I can win. They want someone younger, but I still want the Irish people to keep voting for me. I won't give up if they don't give up on me," she said.