X Factor judge Louis Walsh has revealed he may move Irish contestant Mary Byrne out of the house that contestants share.

The Mayo man told The Sun newspaper that the living arrangements were starting to affect Mary Byrne's performances.

"There's lots of noise there and she can't sleep properly," Walsh said. "It's starting to affect her singing."

"If things continue, I'm going to have to move her into a hotel," he added.

In previous weeks it was claimed that Walsh's other contestant Wagner Carrilho had moved out of the Hertfordshire house were currently all the contestants are staying.

On last week's program a last minute decision to change Mary's song meant that the Dublin woman was on edge. Louis' original song choice for Mary went by the way side when the vocalist broke down during rehearsals and admitted she just couldn't connect with the song.

However on the night Mary gave a powerful rendition of the song she sang at the Dublin auditions, “I who have nothing” which the judges applauded. WATCH PERFORMANCE ABOVE