Mark Wahlberg

The 42-year-old actor tries to avoid having to act out sexual encounters on the silver screen because his wife Rhea Durham - with whom he has children Ella, nine, Michael, seven, Brendan, four and three-year-old Grace - doesn't approve.

Discussing how his character in '2 Guns', Michael Stigman, gets less action than his co-star Denzel Washington's, Mark quipped: "I love that about him. He's constantly trying to be a ladies' man but he
never scores ... And my wife prefers it that way. I prefer to stay away from scenes with me and naked women - it doesn't go down too well. "

Denzel also gets to show off his abs in the film, whereas Mark - who usually flaunts his buff body on screen - remains fully clothed.

He joked in an interview with heat magazine: "They didn't ask. I was oiled up and ready to go!"

The star is no stranger to bulking up for his film roles and says he is always happy to pile on the pounds should the part require it.

Talking about his new action film 'Pain & Gain', Mark explained: "I play a bodybuilder in that movie, so I went from doing 'Broken City', where I was 165lb then I got up to 212lb for 'Pain & Gain'.

"I'd prefer to be normal looking, but I'll do whatever the part calls for."