Mark Wahlberg, star of “The Fighter”, joked that his daughter was upset to hear that Justin Bieber had kissed another girl.

Wahlberg told Jay Leno that his seven-year-old daughter was a big fan of Bieber. He explained that he had managed to introduce the pair at a recent event and get his daughter’s photograph taken with the star.

Leno produced a picture of the meeting. Wahlberg said “She tore that picture down now. He was kissing some girl or something; she saw it on the news.

"[She] ripped those pictures down, was all upset: 'I don’t like Justin Bieber anymore! I like Mitchel Musso' or somebody - some other guy I'm going to have to strangle!"

During the interview Wahlberg also explained the rumors that he might work with Bieber.

He said “Somebody in an interview said, 'Would you ever do music again?' or ‘Who could get you to record music again?' I couldn’t think of anybody and I was trying to be funny so I said my daughter loves Justin Bieber so, if anybody, I would do it with him.

"That’s how the whole thing started. He tweeted about it, we were going to do a song together. I called and said, 'Can you at least say hi to my daughter on the phone?', then the meeting [between them] and the whole thing and now I'm doing an album with Justin Bieber!"