Mark Wahlberg
The 41-year-old actor stars opposite the veteran action hero in Michael Bay's new film 'Pain and Gain' and enjoyed tackling the role of an unlucky bodybuilder who gets caught up in an extortion ring alongside his muscular co-star.

He said: "[It's] Awesome. It's built on energy and excitement. People will be very surprised to see how good Michael is with comedy. It feels a lot like the Coen brothers meets 'Bad Boys'. The Rock is a freak of nature. But what a gentle giant.

"We're playing bodybuilders but the acting is very layered and very particular - finding that balance of doing absurdly horrible things and remaining likeable."

Mark will be teaming up with director Michael again later this year when he begins filming 'Transformers 4' and he hinted his role in the franchise will be "something special". 

He revealed to Total Film magazine: "It's definitely going to be its own thing. I'm excited about it. I think this can be something special. I'm going to approach it like any other role, but whenever I approach a role I approach it like it's the important role of my career."