Mark Walhberg modeling for Calvin Klein

Mark Wahlberg isn't looking forward to his children discovering his "underwear modelling" career.

The 42-year-old star - who has children Ella, nine, Michael, seven, Brendan, four and three-year-old Grace with wife Rhea Durham - admitted it will be "embarrassing" once his offspring start to ask questions about his brief time as a model.

He told the Mail on Sunday newspaper's Event magazine: "The underwear modelling I did for Calvin Klein with Kate Moss was not good in retrospect, but at the time it got me a lot of attention from the ladies!

"Explaining that - along with the rap career - to my kids is going to be embarrassing when they are old enough to ask."

The '2Guns' actor isn't just regretful about his extracurricular activities though - he is also disappointed with movies which fell short of his own expectations.

He added: "[My biggest disappointment] would be movies that for whatever reason didn't work. 'The Truth About Charlie' didn't turn out great. But it meant I got to work with Jonathan Demme.

"It was the same with Tim Burton and 'Planet of the Apes' - though after those two films I made a decision to take roles I believed in rather than because there was someone I wanted to work with."