The 'Hero' singer gave birth to twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe in April and her husband Nick Cannon has revealed the babies already have their own distinctive personalities with Moroccan following in his father's "chill" footsteps while Monroe has her mother's traits.

He told gossip blogger Perez Hilton: "My daughter is, that's her mothers child. Like she is like a diva. She sleeps like this with her hands. She's like, when she wants something, she's instantly crying letting you know likes she's going to be a little handful.

"And it's crazy because you can see like my son is definitely more like me. He's like chill, laid back."

Nick also revealed Mariah was his celebrity crush and the couple got to know each other with six hour phone conversations when they first started dating.

He explained: "[At the beginning] we didn't see each other because you know I was in LA and she was in New York most of the time. But it was one of those things where we were inseparable to a point where when I'm - I always knew I was going to be in love with Mariah Carey. She was my celebrity crush since I was a kid. So I was like when I get the opportunity, I'm going to just let her know how I feel and just go hard, just - and I went hard and then from that point she connected.

"When we weren't there we were on the phone all the time. It was just like, it was real. Six hours on the phone. Like who do you talk to for six hours? What do you talk about for six hours? That's like - it was like that junior high love."