Mr. Nasty Simon Cowell returns to U.S. screens next month in his hugely hyped reality show The X Factor, which he originally created in Britain a few years back.
Cowell dumped American Idol last year to focus on bringing the show over to the U.S., and in the process gave up his judging spot on the British version too.
The Irish judge on the Brit X Factor, talent manager Louis Walsh, says his old friend Cowell won’t be missed, though.

“We don’t need Simon. We’ve moved on,” he said this week.

“He left American Idol and it continued to be a huge success. Now he’s gone from The X Factor but we are going to show him that it’s not about him . . . this show is going to be much bigger and better than the U.S. version.”

Walsh has a point – Idol thrived without him – but no doubt the Mayo native, who founded Boyzone, Westlife and other horrific Irish boybands (and made a ton of loot in the process), was just trash talking his former colleague.  Cowell still owns the British X Factor which is shortly due to air in the U.K. and Ireland for the upcoming season, so generating headlines slamming the creator can only be a good thing.
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