Pierce Brosnan

The 'November Man' star's adopted daughter Charlotte, 41, died after a three-year battle with ovarian cancer on June 28, 22 years after his first wife - Charlotte's mother, Cassandra - died of the same disease and his good friend Bron Roylance admitted it has brought up sad memories for the  60-year-old actor.

Bron told People magazine: "Charlotte's illness came with a darkness because Pierce was re-living the past. He was having to re-live the whole nightmare of this horrific disease. Pierce is dealing with
Charlotte's death but in reality he is beyond devastated. "

However, Pierce is getting through it with the help of his second wife, Keely Shaye Smith, whom he married in 2001.

Bron added: "It's true love. During the tough times they are both beacons of strength. Pierce uses the words, 'Rise up'. He's got an inner quality that allows him to continue. He will continue to be a husband and a father. He will continue on with his life. That's Pierce: one foot forward. Always."