It seems that Lindsay Lohan’s plans to avoid doing jail time have completely failed. An exclusive report this morning have announced that Lohan can’t find a new lawyers, is in millions of dollars of debt and she’s set to start her jail sentence in a little over a week.

Last week her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, of Los Angeles law firm Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert, resigned however as Lohan can’t seem to find anyone who will take over Holley is still acting as her attorney.

Judge Revel will not accept the resignation until a replacement has been found.

Apparently Lohan feels that there’s not reason for her to actually serve the 90-day jails sentence and she’s been fishing around for other legal representation who might get her out of this bind. She has even been in touch with attorney Tiffany Feeder-Cohen who only passed her bar exam in November 2009.

It seems that Holley refused to appeal Lohan’s sentencing and that is which kicked off the problems.

The source said “Lindsay is surrounded by all these so-called friends who keep wrapping her in cotton wool and telling her that she did nothing wrong and this is all so unfair and she must file an appeal…It’s a lost cause, she won’t listen to anybody unless they tell her she is an innocent."

A Santa Monica Criminal Defense Attorney, Steve Cron, said the idea of appealing Lohan’s sentencing is just delaying the inevitable.

“Lindsay’s chances of succeeding with an appeal are virtually zero regardless of who her attorney is…She will waste a lot more money in the process and just be back at where she started,” said Cron.

Another source said “She is already a couple of million dollars in debt…She just isn’t living in the real world.”

Here’s hoping she gets her head out of the clouds before she goes behind bars on July 20.