If ever we need any more proof that Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father is out to make a cheap buck at his troubled daughter’s expense, this is it.

Michael Lohan is proposing to record a song called “A Father's Love Will Never Die” in a bid to reach his daughter. According to TMZ he has written and produced the song and his friend will perform the little ditty.

Apparently Michael penned the song while he was in jail, thought we’re not sure which stint in the slammer exactly.

Lindsay has, for some time, refused to see her father and in fact Tweeted that she had no father. In a interview some months ago she said “I don't want my ex-father anywhere near me no matter where I am. He is crazy and scares me.”

Lindsay has just begun her 90-day rehab sentence after spending only 13 days in jail. Perhaps he thinks a little therapy will soften Lindsay’s feelings towards him.