Lindsay Lohan

The 'Liz & Dick' star - who recently had her probation revoked after it was claimed she lied to police over a car accident in June - allegedly isn't worried about possibly being sent to jail because she believes she hasn't done anything wrong and the law will "side with her" but her father Michael Lohan isn't convinced.

He told "Depends on what she means by 'sides with her?' If Lindsay's side means to admit that she has alcohol and drug problems and sincerely wants to go into treatment with the intention of getting off all drugs, alcohol and prescription meds, then yes!"

Michael also revealed that he believes the entire Lohan family, including his ex-wife Dina, need to attend regular therapy sessions together in order for the actress to start rebuilding her life properly.

He said: "Another major component is that Dina finally has to agree to go to family therapy with Lindsay and me together, which Dina has always refused to do!"

Lindsay could be sentenced to up to eight months behind bars next month for violating her probation, according to reports.

An insider recently suggested that the 26-year-old actress is so confident she will be vindicated that she isn't planning to change her behaviour before her next court hearing on January 25.

The source said: "Lindsay has no intention of changing her behaviour leading up to the hearing. She plans to enjoy the holidays going out to clubs and parties with friends. She thinks she's the victim and is confident the judge will see that too."

Lindsay was recently said to have agreed she had hit rock bottom and needed professional help but claimed she doesn't have the money to hire a psychiatrist as she is currently in debt.