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The Betty Ford Center has returned her driving privileges to Lindsay Lohan but she will spent Christmas in California despite her mother’s wishes for the family to celebrate together on the east coast.

According to Dina, her mother “wants Lindsay to go home to Long Island for Christmas, [but] that won't be happening…Judge Elden Fox was very clear with his order that he wanted her to stay in rehab until after New Year's.”

It seems that so far the 24-year-old star is doing well in rehab. Her good behavior has earned her day trips to her LA home and shopping excursions.

TMZ reported that on Monday the clinic handed over Lohan’s car keys, two weeks after the LA County Probation department restored her license. The clinic held off on giving her the keys fearing that the paparazzi would follow her and create a dangerous environment.

Now that she’s allowed behind the wheel she will be allowed to leave the clinic when she receives a pass but the rules change over the Christmas holidays. RadarOnline’s source said “Lindsay won't be allowed to leave the state of California for Christmas, period. It was never a consideration for Thanksgiving, and it won't be for Christmas."

"Dina wants her home," the source said, "but Michael is supporting whatever Lindsay's treatment team is recommending."

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