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The troubled actress – who began her 360 hours of court-ordered work on Friday  – delighted staff at Los Angeles Downtown Women's Center (DWC) with her positive attitude and caring display towards the homeless people at the facility.

A source told "Staffers didn't know what to expect, but Lindsay showed up and was thoroughly engaged during the day.

"Lindsay was truly humbled. Staffers had her sort through donations and talk to the clients. Lindsay was especially moved by the children of these homeless women."

Despite her celebrity status, 24-year-old Lindsay – who was ordered to work at the facility as part of a 480 hour community service sentence handed to her last month for breaking the terms of her 2007 probation after she was recently charged with stealing a necklace from a Californian boutique – insisted on no special treatment and was happy to undertake the tasks she was given.

The insider added: "Some people want to get their hours done with as little effort as possible.
"This doesn't seem to be the case with Lindsay. The women were initially excited to meet Lindsay because she is a celebrity, but that wore off very quickly and Lindsay has made it clear to everyone that she doesn't expect nor want any special treatment."

As well as 360 hours at the homeless shelter, the 'Machete' actress has also been ordered to undergo 120 hours of janitorial work at the Los Angeles County Morgue.

She was also sentenced to 120 days in prison, which she has been bailed from.

Lindsay is due to return to court on Wednesday  for a pre-trial hearing.

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