Lindsay Lohan sparked a swine flu frenzy when she posted a tweet asking for symptoms.

She told her Twitter followers she felt "achy" and said one of her pals had already fallen ill with the disease.

"What are the symptoms of Swine Flu?" she tweeted (someone please tell Linds that swine flu doesn't need captitals!)

She later revealed she felt "achy" and was worried she had come down with the virus because one of her pals had fallen ill.

Lohan wrote, "Achy? My friend had it and I am sick and I'm now concerned!!!!"

However, after a barrage of DMs checking to see how she was Lindsay went back on Twitter and Twut-Twutted.

"I never said I have it or anything, I was just reaching out to ask because everyone here may know different things about it. Isn't this what Twitter is for? I don't (know if I have it) and my doctor is coming now. I didn't Google it b/c (because) this seemed more convenient."