Lindsay Lohan must be breaking some kind of records for the quickest served sentence! Having being given 90 days in prison she was released after just 13 and now she gets out of rehab after just 23. Houdini would be impressed!

Lohan left the UCLA Medical Centre on Tuesday through the back door.

Hollywood TV owner, Sheeraz Hasan, who provided her with a getaway car, said "She is out. She is definitely out. I can't give you any other information right now, but she is out."

The troubled star was to complete two 45-day back-to-back program at UCLA. Programs such as these only admit patients who suffer from a mental disorder and a substance abuse problem. However it has come to light that Lohan was misdiagnosed with a mental disorder and she is now free to be treated for her addiction as an outpatient.

Her mother, Dina, is no doubt thrilled that she is being released. She has said that Lohan will travel to New York as soon as possible to avoid the media and justice systems eagle eyes in L.A. Lohan's father, on the other hand, has said that Lohan belongs in rehab and that Dina should join her there.