Lindsay Lohan has made a deal with OK! Magazine for her first post-jail interview. The magazine is set to give the troubled starlet $1 million for spilling all on her 13-day prison stay and whatever time she spends in rehab.

It seems that Lohan's physical and psychological health are taking a backseat as Lohan is set to heal her financial problems with this interview and other appearances around the country. According to the Hollywood Reporter Lohan can still quote a high price for personal appearances.

They said that appearances in New York and Los Angeles could fetch $25,000 to $100,000, while Las Vegas could earn her up to $500,000. Last week her mother said that the star plans to travel to New York when she is released from rehab.

Lohan has not has not stared in film, that has been in movie theatres, since 2007.

In 2007 Paris Hilton was also offered $1 million by NBC for her first post-jail interview but the deal fell through. She appeared on the Larry King show supposedly for free.