The troubled actress - who recently completed her probation and has endured several stints in rehab - has been invited by the Hole rocker to join her women's group because the 47-year-old singer thinks it will help her, though she admits she doesn't know the 'Machete' star very well.

Courtney said: "Lindsay is coming to my house to chant.

"But, I don't speak to her very much. We have a mutual friend. There's like seven women coming to chant on Friday. [It's] a women's group. She's coming to chant, which is good for her."

Courtney, who has previously battled drug addiction, chants regularly and says the ritual keeps her out of trouble.

She added in an interview with 'Access Hollywood': "I chant. You can tell when I'm not doing it, I get in trouble and then [when] I am doing it, I don't get in trouble.

"It's really, really good for me. So, that's my religion."

Courtney - who appeared on the show alongside Linda Perry to promote Los Angeles' Gay & Lesbian Center's An Evening with Women on May 19 - claimed to have a "hilarious" story about her love life, though she also insisted she is currently single.

Asked if she is dating anyone, she said: "The answer I'd love to give you would be hilarious, but Linda would kill me.

"I don't know how to say that word, 'dating.' I'm not dating anyone."