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'The 'Mean Girls' actress - who was sentenced to 120 days in prison, which she was bailed from, and 480 hours of community service last month for breaching the terms of her probation after allegedly stealing a $2,200 necklace from an upmarket jewellers - must complete 360 hours of work at the shelter, which looks after homeless women.

Although Lindsay – who was spotted at the facility yesterday (02.05.11) with her assistant Eleanor and lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley - would not confirm her exact commencement date, she denied reports she will start this week, telling Gossip Cop: “I’m not even set to start until next week.”

Centre spokesman Patrick Shandrick said he hopes Lindsay will be “inspired by her experience”.

He told X17 Online: “Miss Lohan’s work at the centre could include working with the ladies on creating unique items for MADE by DWC - an innovative social enterprise cafe and gift boutique offering handmade products that will open on Friday, April 29. MADE by DWC was created to help break the cycle of poverty and chronic unemployment by helping low-income and homeless women discover their talents and develop their skills through job readiness training and product development opportunities.

DWC is a life changing experience for all that walk through our door. We are a community that fosters dignity and respect. DWC hopes that Miss Lohan is inspired by her experience here."

As well as 360 hours at the homeless shelter, the 24-year-old star has also been ordered to undergo 120 hours of janitorial work at the Los Angeles County Morgue.

Lindsay - who was under probation for a driving under the influence (DUI) charge in 2007 - is due to return to court on May 11 for a pre-trial hearing in her theft case, after the charge was reduced from felony grand theft to a misdemeanour, with the actual trial planned for June 3.

Visit Lindsay Lohan's profile page for more stories, photos and her bio