Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming film 'Liz & Dick'

The 'Liz & Dick' actress - whose father is reportedly going to pursue a conservatorship to give an independent party legal control over his 26-year-old troubled daughter following a failed intervention last week - has been told that a protection order against him could further damage her career.
A source told gossip website RadarOnline: "Lindsay is being told by her lawyers that it's a disastrous idea for her to try and get a restraining order against her father, Michael Lohan.
"First of all, there is no guarantee that a judge would grant a restraining order against Michael. Michael did show up at her house and try and stage an intervention, because he believes that she is in immediate danger because of her alleged drug and alcohol addiction. That is hardly a form of harassment.
"Secondly, if Lindsay were to petition for a restraining order, this story will just keep going, making it a never ending media cycle of stories about the Lohan family drama. For an actress trying to get her career back on track, this is not going to help her get future work and makes producers very leary to hire her. There would likely have to be a full hearing for Lindsay's quest to get a restraining order, and Michael would have the opportunity to take the stand and testify. He could reveal more information about his concerns about Lindsay that could further damage her."
However despite the advice, Lindsay is said to be determined to prevent her father from interfering in her life.
The source said: "She is hell bent on getting a restraining order against Michael because her mother Dina is totally pushing for it. Lindsay is currently in New York City and she could very likely decide to try and get a restraining order against Michael there."
While Lindsay's siblings have accused Michael of interfering, his intervention last Friday (19.10.12) had the full backing of Lindsay's professional team, including her lawyers and manager.