The Wanted want to hang with Lindsay Lohan

The boy band will film their new reality TV show in the city and while Lindsay, 26, is no longer dating the group's singer Max George, his bandmate Tom Parker sill hopes she will be a regular visitor at their Hollywood Hills home.

He told MailOnline: "We all get on so well with Lindsay, she's a great girl. We all have a lot of fun with her and even if things aren't going on between her and Max she will be coming around to our house to party, absolutely."

However, Lindsay shouldn't hold out any hopes of reconciling with Max, as he already has his eye on other women.

Tom added: "We were watching a documentary about some Victoria's Secret models and he seemed to like a couple of them, they caught his eye.

"It's easy pulls for the boys. They don't even really need to say anything. As long as someone knows we are British."

While Tom and the group promise to take the cameras with them as they enjoy wild nights out, he admitted there is one star who can party harder than them, Justin Bieber.

He explained: "We are one hundred percent taking the cameras out with us. I'm most excited about taking the cameras out on the p**s, they will be with us.

"We spent time with Justin Bieber recently, we partied with him when he came to London, he can party a lot. He showed us up."