Lindsay Lohan has been dropped from the role of porn star Linda Lovelace in the movie 'Inferno' according to Inferno director Matthew Wilder.

He stated he was forced to drop the Irish American actress from his film because of 'the impossibility of insuring her'.

Lohan is currently in the Betty Ford Center recovering from alcohol and drug abuse.

Wilder had originally promised to cast Lohan come what may.

'Even if Angelina Jolie wanted the role we would be sticking with Lindsay Lohan,' he had said.

Lohan, 24, had been set to start filming the movie this month.

However that will not happen. 'Ultimately the impossibility of insuring her - and some other issues - have made it impossible for us to go forward.'Wilder said.

Wilder said he has a new star ready to step in.

'We are currently in negotiations and working out the legalities of bringing her on board,' he said.