There is no doubt that Lindsay Lohan belongs in jail after her latest brush with the law.

But folks, it is too early to give up on such a talented actress who has clearly taken all the wrong decisions in her life so far.

This is a kid who was exploited practically from the cradle by her greedy and domineering parents.

Lindsay never had that time to develop like a normal kid before being rushed of to the next acting call.

The fact that she became a star so young ruined her. She won't be the first child star, like Judy Garland, to regret her quick rise to fame.

She has never had the nurturing or normal years that most young women have at the key moments in their life.

Instead it has all been about money grubbing and celebrity obsessed parents, passing on their worst traits to a very vulnerable child.

Lindsay has taken the wrong path as a result but perhaps the jail term will help her see things in a new light.

It may be too late. She, like Charlie Sheen is a fatal accident waiting to happen unless something or someone intervenes.

It might be great fun for the tabloids, but there is a decent human being in there somewhere with Lindsay Lohan, and yes Charlie Sheen.

Lets hope it is not too late for both of them.