The 'Lincoln Lawyer' actor - who has a son, Levi, two and 14-month-old daughter Vida with his girlfriend Camila Alves - also revealed he calls his kids his "epic" because are always with him in everything he does.

He said: “I’ve got more to live for now, that’s for sure!”

“Obviously, you stop living as much for ‘me’ and living for ‘we’. Everything I’m doing, my kids are doing with me… every move I make has to do with them."

“And now they’re my epic. I make films, but that’s my… they’re my epic.”

However, the 41-year-old star insists that his active lifestyle hasn't been deterred by fatherhood and even hinted that his children have inherited his love of the great outdoors.

He explained on 'Access Hollywood Live' last night (15.03.11): “I haven’t pulled back on my sense of adventure… a lot of people say, ‘You have children, you have a family, boy, the life you had comes to a screeching halt,’ and you start over. That has not been true for me, and a lot of that is testament to Camila and myself and my family and how we go about our life.”

He added: “Vida really likes to eat dirt. Vida’s a little more rough and tumble and she’s the young lady.”

“We don’t make a big deal about falling down. Our medicine, that they’ve learned, is rub it… whatever it is, rub it!”