The ‘Lincoln Lawyer’ actor – who has a son Levi, three, and 15-month-old daughter Vida with girlfriend Camila Alves – is happy to have just one property to take care of because he likes to keep his life simple.

He said: "I love customizing small spaces. We have a home in Malibu now, so I've customized that. I'm good with having one - and only one - of each thing I need. It's relaxing to not have the options."

Matthew also revealed becoming a father has given him a new outlook on life because every experience is so exciting for his children.
He told Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper: "There's more to live for, and more to look forward to. Every single day is a brand new thing to my kids.

"Even if you've travelled a road a thousand times, kids remind you to look at things with fresh eyes."

One exciting experience his children had recently was a trip to Brazil with their extended family as Matthew and Camila – who is from the South American country - are keen for them to learn as much about their mother’s culture as possible.

He explained: “We took everyone to Brazil for five weeks at the beginning of the year - all of my family and my lady's family, their kids, our kids.

"That's where Camila and her mother are from, so we want to make sure that the kids are exposed to that culture. They now speak better Portuguese than me."