Lily Allen has branded everyone involved with planning her wedding an 'a ****'.

The 25-year-old singer - who is set to tie the knot with fiance Sam Cooper in Gloucestershire, South West England, on June 11 – launched the tirade on twitter and also threatened to elope to Gretna Green, a village in the south of Scotland famous for runaway weddings.

She tweeted: “Tip of the day: don't ever get married, its a nightmare, and everyone involved (or not as the case may be) turns into a ****. Is there a train station for Gretna Green? (sic)”

However, Lily – who has asked close pal and TV presenter Miquita Oliver to be her chief bridesmaid – later updated her profile on the micro-blogging site to reveal she has gotten the situation under control.
She said: “All fine now, said ****s are safely back in their boxes. itsMYwedding!!!!!!!!! (sic)”

Friends of Lily have previously revealed costs for the ‘Not Fair’ singer’s nuptials – which was originally intended to be a small affair – have escalated so much she has “completely blown” her wedding budget.

A source close to Lily - whose wedding dresses is being created by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld - said: "I think the wedding dress itself is going to cost a small fortune. And her sisters, Teddy and Sarah, who are bridesmaids, are getting Chanel dresses too. If there was a budget for the wedding, it's been completely blown. It's gone from a small intimate family do with close friends, to something huge. There are so many people Lily feels she needs to invite. She also wants the champagne to flow and the food to be amazing."