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Liam Neeson, star of "The Chronicle of Narnia", "The A-Team" and "Taken" has said that he has left his partying days in Hollywood behind him to spend time on the water, fly fishing.

However, the busy actor, who is set to star in "Hangover 2" and "Battleship" this year, doesn't have much time to indulge in his favorite hobby.

He said "There’s a lot of nonsense in Hollywood. I’ve been a part of that years ago and gotten the t-shirt. I was even president of the club at one stage.

“I love doing the work but then when I’m not working I love my other life which is being with my kids and fly fishing as much as I can.

“I haven’t been out since the end of August when I took my kids to Wyoming and we caught a few trout.”

Liam has even taken part in a TV program about fly fishing. He said "In America there’s a programme called ‘Fly Fishing the World’ and I’ve done about five of them. The last one I did was in New Zealand for about 10 days and I brought my best friend. We had two cameras up our noses the entire time but they’re great fun.”

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