Irish superstar Liam Neeson's highly anticipated new thriller After.Life opens on April 9. In it, his co-star Christina Ricci plays a ghost (or a walking corpse?) that comes back to life and only Neeson's creepy coroner can see or hear.

But Ricci doesn’t believe she’s dead. The funeral director (Neeson) assures her she is, she’s just stuck in the transition between life and death and he’s the only one who can see or hear her.

While she tries to contact her boyfriend (Justin Long) and escape, Neeson tries to prepare her for her final burial. Creepy? Yes. But the twist at the end looks like it's going to be good. Any guesses?

Neeson, 57, has involved himself in multiple projects since the death of his wife Natasha Richardson, who passed away on March 18 2009 aged 45. On 19 March the theatre lights were dimmed on Broadway and in London's West End as a mark of respect and the following day, a private wake was held at the American Irish Historical Society in Manhattan.

Catch the trailer for After.Life below: