Irish acting sensation Liam Neeson looked relaxed as he dined out with French air stewardess, Leslie Slater in New York earlier this week. Neeson met his dinner date on a flight to Paris six weeks ago.

In the 20 months since his wife Natasha Richardson passed away the A-Team star had kept a low profile until last month when he stepped out hand in hand in London with Freya St Johnston, a 36-year-old British business woman. But now it appears a french stewardess has caught his attention.

Liam and Leslie dined out at a upmarket Manhattan restaurant. One onlooker said that Neeson eagerly awaited his dates arrival and was relieved when she finally turned up.

"He sat at the very back of the restaurant and constantly scanned each arrival. When his date arrived they gave each other a big hug and kiss.

"Then for the next couple of hours they barely touched their food as they laughed and talked and stared into each other's eyes."

In true chivalrous style Neeson payed the bill while the lady was at the toilet. “When the lady went to the restroom, Liam beckoned over the waiter to pay the bill. They carried on chatting and then finally got up to leave, with Liam helping the lady with her sweater, “ the onlooker added.

According to a friend of Leslie's she flew home to Paris last night. "Leslie's been going on about Liam for weeks and he texts her all the time,” the source added.