The Beady Eye singer has his own fashion label Pretty Green and although he is famously obsessed with John Lennon he claims The Fab Four’s guitarist is a bigger influence on his fashion choices.

He said: “My fashion icons are, well, George Harrison always looked cool, all The Beatles always looked cool, Keith Richards, Steve McQueen looked good, The Jam, Paul Weller are all influences. The Stone Roses had a look - they were my first thing.”

The 38-year-old rock star admits he is proud of the success his clothing label has achieved and insists fashion is just as important as music to him.

He added: “I believe in it without a doubt. Look I don't sit there stitching it but it's stuff that I wear, you know what I mean? Or stuff that I'd like to wear. Fashion and wearing good clothes is equally as important as music to me.”

The ‘Bring The Light’ singer now has three Pretty Green shops in Manchester, Glasgow and on London’s famous Carnaby Street.