The singer accepts his former band didn’t push themselves enough creatively, despite becoming one of the biggest groups in the world before their demise in August 2009, when his guitarist brother Noel Gallagher quit.

He said: “Oasis weren’t groundbreaking, it had all been done before. There are a few songs on our (Beady Eye’s) album which will remind people of Oasis … and why not? It was a good f***ing band. But you’ll hear some new bits.”

Since the end of the ‘Wonderwall’ hit-makers, Liam has formed new group Beady Eye with his former Oasis band-mates Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock.

The ‘Bring The Light’ singer insists his approach to songwriting is to just go for it and not be pretentious.
He told Uncut magazine: “I’m winging it, mate. You won’t get me talking about Oscar Wilde or all that b******s. I’m just writing the first thing that comes into my head.

“Gem does his thing, Andy does his thing and I do my thing. Then we all demo them and work on the songs together. I write on guitar, or, I barely write on guitar. I’ve got a guitar in the house on its last legs, man. I sit around and play the guitar ‘til I get bored. Then I go for a walk. Then I try and get some lyrics down and away we go.”