Liam Gallagher

The Beady Eye singer isn't a fan of the hip-hop star and thinks he's an "idiot" for accidentally walking into a street sign last month as he was trying to hide his face from snappers as he went to a restaurant with his pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

Liam - who is no stranger to confrontations with the paparazzi - also won't be buying Kanye's upcoming album, with its Jesus-inspired title 'Yeezus'.

When asked what he thought about the title of Kanye's LP, Liam said: "I couldn't give a f**k what that f***ing clown gets up to. Have you seen when he bumped his head? He's coming out of the gym with that bird and there are geezers taking pictures. You have to put your head up and carry on walking. He's gone [put his head down] and walked straight into a f****ing pole. You hear it go 'dink' and him tell people to stop taking pictures. Put your head up so you know what you're doing! Smashed his head up; he's a f***ing idiot. You'll never see Jesus banging his head."

Just as he doesn't like Kanye for seemingly having a Jesus complex, Liam insists his worst ever haircut was inspired by Christ.

When asked what has been his worst haircut in the new UK issue of GQ magazine, the 'Flick of the Finger singer said: "Mine's probably the Jesus centre parting thing I had a view years ago. I look at it now and just think, 'You dick.' Felt good at the time though."

Liam - who released new Beady Eye album 'BE' this week - is known for constantly changing his hairstyle and the fashion conscious musician also has his own clothing brand Pretty Green.