Jessica Chastain at the "Lawless" campaign
The ‘Lawless’ actress is currently single but is filming a movie and working on a play in New York for the next few months so is hoping to find the time to focus more on herself rather than work while she is in one place for an extended amount of time.

She told Style magazine: “I’m happy and fulfilled. I do wish I had more time for a personal life and I’m going to try to create that in New York. I’m filming ‘The ‘Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby’ there and the a play so I’ll be in once place for a long time.”

However, Jessica won’t be looking for love on set, as she has no intention of dating a fellow actor.
She said: “I have a rule not to date actors and because of that I can hopefully make work be the focus of public interest instead of my private life.”

The flame haired beauty has been feted for her looks along with her acting talent but admits she was bullied over her hair when she was young.

She explained: “I got teased quite a lot when I was younger but I’ve grown into my red hair now and see it as something that makes me unique and special.”

Here's the trailer for the movie: