Out of nowhere, Lee De Wyze has shot to hot favorite status for the 2010 American Idol status.

Las Vegas bookies this week made him the prohibitive 1-2 favorite, in other words bet two dollars to win one.

Meanwhile long time clear leader Crystal Bowersox is at 6-4, lay four dollars to win six, second choice.

How did DeWyze, mother's name Donahue, and proud of his Irish heritage, mange to grab the inside slot as the race comes to the final bend?

Timing is everything it seems.

After leading all season long Bowersox has not been pleasing the judges these past few nights. The problem she has is being on top for too long.

In a culture where attention span can be measured in milliseconds, it is not good to be queen for longer than a day.

So there is a certain tiredness about Bowersox and her working class story.

De Wyze on the other hand has sneaked up on the judges and is now in pole position to capitalize.

His 'aw shucks' manner and huge female fan base means he will likely win this final round of 'Idol,'

If he does Lee will have to beat the jinx that male idol winners simply do not cut it when they move onto solo careers.

But Lee has times his victory just right. Crystal may well be eating his dust come next week.