The 'Born This Way' hitmaker – whose real name is Stefani Germanotta - admits she throws herself so completely into her outlandish costumes and performances, her outfits have become as much a part of her as her vital organs.
She said: "The lines for myself have become so blurred now, I know not the difference between a moment of performance and a moment of honesty. If you were to ask me to remove my Philip Treacy hat at a party, in truth it is the emotional and physical equivalent of requesting I remove my liver.
"I know not the difference between the hair that grows from my head and the teal wigs that grow from my imagination. They are the same. They are both honest, and always have been. So maybe I know nothing of 'the art of escapism.' I was just Born This Way. I revere the dream to be real. I am always, and shall forever be, private in public."
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The eccentric singer insists the way she presents herself is her "destiny" and she is always part of a show that celebrates her own "uniqueness".
She wrote in her column for V magazine: "Art is a lie. And every day I kill to make it true. It is my destiny to exist halfway between reality and fantasy at all times. They call me 'theatrical,' but I posit profusely that I am theatre, and that theatre is me. I am a show with no intermission.
"It is this thing that summons me from the depths of reality and reminds me that the power of transformation is endless. That I (we) possess something magical and transformative inside- a uniqueness and specialness waiting to be exiled from the depths of our identity. "