The 'Edge of Glory' hitmaker was heartbroken to hear that Amy passed away at her home in Camden, north London last week and praised the tragic singer as "the most lovely and kind woman".

Speaking on 'The View', she said:  "I'm so devastated and so sad. I really couldn't speak for like 48 hours straight. I was in such shock. I don't think Amy needed to learn any lessons. I think the lesson was for the world to be kinder to the superstar. Everybody was so hard on her, and everything that I knew about her was that she was the most lovely and kind woman."

While no cause of death has been established for the 27-year-old singer, Amy's battle with drugs and alcohol has been well documented and Lady Gaga revealed she was "embarrassed" by her own past drug use.

She explained: "I used to do hard drugs. I was so embarrassed. My dad called me out about it one day and so I stopped. I don't do any hard drugs anymore. I am a part of the green club sometimes. My dad was like 'I know what you're doing because I did and I lost every friend who ever meant anything to me.'"