The 'Judas' hitmaker - who sings some of her new album 'Born This Way' in Spanish and German - is set to have American Sign Language lessons with a private tutor after seeing YouTube videos of her deaf fans signing along to her tracks.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Gaga's already campaigned for gay rights in the States and has spoken out about political issues like immigration.

"Now she wants to make sure her deaf fans feel included too. Once she's mastered sign language she'll be able to respond to the videos that are online, and include signing in future live tours."
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The 25-year-old singer has previously played shows with a sign language expert interpreting lyrics for her deaf fans, and last year at a Washington concert she announced her admiration for the language.

She said: "I wish I spoke your language. That's really f***ing beautiful. Everybody speaks the language of love and it's so beautiful that music brings everyone together."

Gaga – who once wore a dress made of meat and arrived in an 'egg' for the Grammy awards earlier this year – recently revealed she is "quite traditional", despite her eccentric tendencies.

She added: "I'm really quite traditional, actually, contrary to what some people might think about me.

"I'm quite traditional in the family sense. My dad was just trying to breathe normally. He's still trying to breathe normally."