Lady Gaga - shown here with her own "hair-hat" - has joined forces with U2's Bono to help raise money for Bono's AIDS charity (RED).

Lady Gaga, who penned a special version of "Poker Face" for Bono, has designed a special pair of Lady Gaga headphones for (RED) to sell off.

All proceeds will go to (RED).

Performing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Thursday where she debuted this interesting hairstyle, she said Bono was a game-changer in the way charities operate.

"I was working with Bono on (RED) for his friend's birthday party (Gavin Friday's mega bash at Carnegie Hall) and I changed the words for acoustic Poker Face to be about the organisation.

"He's really changed the model for how charities function with large corporations.

"What's really exciting about this is that all the money that (RED) will make off these headphones will go directly to helping people that are affected by the AIDS epidemic in Africa."

And what's really exciting for us Lady watchers is what on earth will she do next?

She must have had to sit for hours to get her hair sprayed into this wacky looking hat.