Loopy Lady Gaga has spent over $11,000 on custom-made lingerie.

Gaga has already admitted that she is in love with silk and will only wear items made from that fabric.

A source told Now magazine "She's so in love with the way it feels on her body, she's demanded every piece of lingerie be made from 100 per cent pure silk...Polyester, cotton and Lycra are all banned. The finest silk, made to order, is all she'll wear now."

The performer believes that silk will somehow inspire her creatively.

The source said "She really believes this will help her creativity because if she feels comfortable and her skin is able to breathe properly, she'll be able to concentrate on her music...She's taking this latest fetish seriously and driving her assistant crazy. Some garments go for £70 ($110) a pair and because she's kitted out the entire underwear section of her wardrobe, it's cost her close to £7,000 ($11,000)."