Lady Gaga has tweeted “See you on 'American Idol.' MAY 5th, Little
Monsters.” She posted this announcement with a link to her performing
“Telephone” on a Japanese TV show.

This performance will coincide nicely with the release of her remix CD
for “The Fame Monster” on May 3. She will also be releasing a 2GB USB
drive that will include music, videos and other material from her last
two records.

Her Ladyship appeared on “American Idol” in May 2009 when she
performed “Poker Face”. Critics are already showing their
disappointment that she’s not appearing as a mentor this year. I’m
sure she would give some very sensible, if a little quirky, advice to
the young hopefuls.

Gaga also has other cause for celebration this week as she broke a
YouTube record. Her channel just broke past one billion viewers. I
wonder how many will tune in to “American Idol” on the May 5th.