Lady Gaga has said that she literally “can’t stop writing” new music. On Kiss FM, while speaking to Ryan Seacrest, she explained that she is having problems finishing her new LP as she has continuious flashes of inspiration.

“I know I told everyone my album was done, but I can't stop writing. I might have to put out two records. I never stop writing. I'm always in the studio and always writing."

In fact she has had a portable studio built that she takes on the road with her so she can record while she’s doing her tours.

She also told Seacrest that she has no plans to reinvent herself although she admits that she is constantly evolving. Is that what you call it? Who knew!

“Well I do think I will be... I am Gaga,” she clarified. “It's kind of like if your parents have nicknames for you. My nickname is Gaga. But I am ever reinventing.

"I am ever changing. I don't know. I don't reinvent from album to album, I reinvent from day to day, to song to song, from video to video. It's quite chaotic! But my fans understand that because they relate to that chaos in themselves."