Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney
The 25-year-old singer met 30-year-old Taylor Kinney –who is best known for his role as a werewolf on TV show 'The Vampire Diaries' – on the set of the shoot for the single which she wrote about her ex-boyfriend Luc Carl, and the pair were spotted in a clinch at a beach side bar in California this week.
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A source told "It was just casual at first, but things are getting pretty hot and heavy.
“I couldn’t tell it was her at first. It just looked like some hot couple making out, but then I realized it was Lady Gaga! Everyone went nuts! She was so sweet too - she even signed some autographs.”

Gaga – who split from Luc for the second time earlier this year – has previously revealed she gets emotional when she sings the song 'You and I' because it brings up memories from their past relationship.

She explained: "There is not one song on any of my records that wasn't written by me, and I think when you write your own music you find ways to reinvent [the songs] emotionally through yourself and performance so that they are different every night and that song you know, sometimes it's about the guys and sometimes it's about the fans."