Just when we though her eccentricities couldn’t get any weirder Her Gagaship pulls another one out of the bag.

She has ordered her staff to carry out "spirit-seeking sweeps" of venues on her tour. The “Telephone” star has become convinced that there are evil spirits haunting her, who are we to argue?

The ghost hunting issue arose at London’s O2 arena. The Sunday Mirror reported that Lady Gaga’s staff contacted a real life Ghost-busting firm in London looking to purchase some equipment.

Owner, Dan Webb said “When I took the order for the kit I had no idea who it was for," he said. "But then I checked the listings and saw who was playing the O2. Her aide said the gear had to be robust as they were ¬taking it on the road - so they must be doing this every where Lady GaGa is performing."

That is not to say that all the spirit who will be following Lady Gaga on her world tour will be evil. Quite recently Lady Gaga gave credit to the spirit of her dead aunt for helping her to get over her addiction to cocaine.