Oh God, the Twilight movies are bad enough - but this?

Emo princess Kristen Stewart, she of the eternally slightly-dissapointed expression, may be gearing up to play a feisty transgendered inmate in her mother’s startlingly unpromising and - frankly - rather exploitative sounding new movie K-11.

The project has been doing the rounds since 2008, but - color me shocked - it's been delayed over and over due to funding, casting, and Kristen’s three ring circus filming schedule.

Reportedly the movie tells the story of one of how one of Hollywood’s music magnates ends up in the K-11 unit of LA’s male prison.

K-11, we're told, is a unit that locks up gay or transgendered inmates who would be attacked or worse in the straight lock-up. O-kay. Good luck getting this screened in the Bible Belt.

Anyhoo, Kristen Stewart is rumored to play Birdy, a 19-year-old male to female inmate who befriends the new music magnate arrival and takes him under her wing - geddit? Birdy? Wing? That's one of them there metaphors, see.

So I, for one, have some questions about - all this. The first would be WTF? That's probably my second question too.

Jules Mann Stewart, known as MammaStew, has had a long career as a script supervisor on such classics for the ages as: The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas and Santa and Pete.

Maybe K-11 will be the era defining film of our times. But I have an instinct that keeps telling me er no.