With her on-and-off screen boyfriend out of town for the holidays, Kristen Stewart was spotted with her co-star Garrett Hedlund, from her recent movie. “On the Road”.

The “Twilight” star was seen on Christmas Eve with 26-year-old Hedlund at SOHO house in LA.

Sources said they two sat together alone in the venue and stayed there until the early hours of Christmas morning.

Hedlund recently described Kristen as “incredible” in an MTV interview and that it is clear to see “the devotion that she puts into her work”.

The two Hollywood stars play lead roles in their upcoming flick “On the Road” which tells the story of a man who goes on a journey to travel the roads and railways of America.

Originally from Minnesota, Hedlund has received rave reviews for his latest performance alongside Olivia Wilde in “Tron: Legacy”.