Dressed in couture and photographed by  Mario Testino, the “Twlight” star looks very glamorous on the upcoming cover of Vogue.

“I choose things that are so overly ambitious,” Kristen tells Vogue, adding “If I can’t do stuff like that, I don’t want to be doing this.”

The star admitted that a the lack of privacy in her life bothers her.

"There’s no way to eloquently put this. I just can’t go to the mall. It bothers me that I can’t be outside very often. And also to not ever be ’some girl’ again. Just being some chick at some place, that’s gone.”

The 20-year-old featured inside the June issue of the magazine, but posed for the cover version of the upcoming February issue.

Talking about work on the “Twilight” set she said: “[It was] like going back to school… Twilight is a different beast.”