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Kristen Stewart already has her heart set on working on "American Girl" once she finishes filming "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn", part one and two, with the delectable Robert Pattinson. 

She told OK! magazine "I am attached and I totally love it". She said that hope the film gets made in the near future. She said "Jim Woods loves it too and really wants to get it made.

“But not yet. It is not in production yet but I am definitely attached to it. If it does get made, I am on it.”

Although she's now one of the, if not the, most famous actresses in the world she admitted that she still get overwhelmed by intimidating roles. She said " I am going to do On The Road with Walter Salles. I am f***ing freaking out about it.

“The fact is that this movie, nobody has ever tried to make and yet reading the book it is insanely iconic. It is my favourite book. It was my first favourite book. It is so f***ing cool that I am doing it.”

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