Not known to be a lover of the media Kristen Stewart might just be regretting her decision to take some time off before beginning filming "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn".

As Robert Pattinson is off filming "Water for Elephants" in Louisiana Stewart has been left to hold the can when it comes to promotion and press duties for "Breaking Dawn". Her family and friends say that the strain of being in the public eye so much is becoming draining.

According to Gossip Magazine the 20-year-old is looking "gaunt" and ill. Also her stylist has started dying her hair a slightly lighter color so the young actress doesn't look quite so sickly.

It's also been reported that she is snapping at reporters who were being too inquisitive.

The British magazine, Heat, says that she's sleeping and eating very little. They also said that Stewart has confided in her family saying that her role as promoter is "killing her".