Stewart and Pattinson at the "Breaking Dawn" premiere

The former 'Twilight Saga' stars - who have been dating for more than four years - are happy their relationship is finally back on track after the 23-year-old actress's brief fling with married director Rupert Sanders last summer, and no longer feel under pressure because they aren't working together.

A source told "There was so much drama. They were so young and couldn't handle the pressure.

"Because the pressure of the movie is off of them, they're learning how to live their lives like normal people."

The couple have been inseparable since the British actor, who turns 27 on Monday, returned from a two month stint in Australia in March, where he was busy filming his upcoming movie 'The Rover'.

Kristen was previously said to have been eager for him to prove their romance is still going strong by attending the Met Gala with her last Monday and while Robert failed to attend the event, he did accompany her to New York and treated her to a pizza date the next day.

An insider said they are eager to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, saying: "They're confident that the media attention will die down now and they can prove that they are normal and functional and drama-free.

"Pretty much all they like to do is work, hang out with each other and friends and take care of their dogs -- they are keeping their priorities straight."